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Simon Rakoff has been a comedian since 1978. His act is well crafted and thought provoking delivered with the smoothness of a veteran and the enthusiasm of a newcomer. He has made audiences laugh across Canada from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. A top headliner, Simon’s quick mind and engaging personality also make him a popular MC at clubs, corporate and charity events. A favourite at comedy festivals, Simon has performed at Montreal’s Just For LaughsHalifax Ha!The Winnipeg Comedy Festival and many others.

On television, Simon has appeared on innumerable Canadian shows and had his own special on CBC. He also provided humorous commentary on the local Toronto news. He is also a frequent voice on national radio on shows including The DebatersMadly Off In All Directions Definitely Not The Opera and As It Happens.

Simon is also a much sought after writer and has added his talent to Canada’s sitcoms, sketch and panel shows.



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Riotous Rakoff 

Album review by Glenn Sumi

pastedGraphic.png SIMON RAKOFF

Surrounded By Idiots (independent)

Rating: NNNN

The cover of Simon Rakoff’s Surrounded By Idiots shows the comic in full face-palm mode. It and the title sum up his act very well. Rakoff’s the middle-aged Jewish guy who makes fun of the stupidity around him.

Turns out there’s a lot to satirize, starting with the entertainment industry. The opening bit about putting people in witness protection programs in Canadian showbiz so they’ll never be heard of again is razor sharp.

And thanks to his anti-sports rant, I’ll never hear ACC ticket-sellers’ cries of “Who needs Leafs’ tickets?” the same way again.

He’s got solid material about his Jewish heritage, including clever jokes about brises and alcohol, Jesus’ sarcasm and the particular syntax of first-generation Jewish immigrants that makes them sound like Yoda.

But his strongest stuff comes at the end, when he delineates the differences between men and women and showcases his character skills. An extended bit set in caveman times is the final word in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus humour.



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