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Q & A with Simon Rakoff
Q&A with Simon Rakoff

Q&A with Simon Rakoff

Who makes you laugh?

So much talent it’s hard to narrow down but I always enjoy Sandra Battaglini, Graham Kay, Boyd Banks, Debra DiGiovanni, Derek Edwards and tons of other fantastic Canadian comics.

What’s the most overdone premise these days in comedy?

Men and women are different – but I think I overdo it the best.

Which city has the funniest people?

St. John’s, Newfoundland. Doing a show there is like taking ice to Nunavut. they appreciate the gesture but they could easily do it themselves.

Who in your life provides the most material?

My 13 year old daughter. So funny my hand hurts from writing.


What’s the funniest TV show or podcast out there?

South Park maintains the standard for the most and freshest laughs but Stewart and Colbert really nail the ruling class.

What’s next for yourself?

I’m doing a Very Merry Happy holiday special with the brilliant John Wing for CBC Radio 1.