Thursday night I appeared in the “Comedy of Cultures” show at the Sudbury LOL festival. It is the first year of the event but is being run by the folks who have run the film festival there for 19 years. It was a spectacular experience. If only all gigs were run like this, comics would be the happiest people on earth. The people running it were so deferential. They treated us as talent instead of product. A generous spread was laid out backstage. The show itself, held at the Fraser auditorium, drew about 500 people who loved it. Debra DiGiovanni, Ben Mathai, Angelo Tsarouchas, Frank Spadone and myself all killed. We got a standing ovation when we came out for our curtain call. After the show, the organizers took us to a pub for food and drinks which they also paid for. Then we returned to our hotel and talked into the night about the spectacular treatment and warm reception. I know I speak for everybody there when I say thank you Sudbury and the organizers of LOL. This will become one of the gigs comics vie to get.