I headlined this past weekend at The Laugh Resort. I really don’t enjoy it as much as MCing. I like having the fresh crowd to play with. Although I do fewer bits of my act when I MC, I do so much more ad-libbing than I do when I headline. I can spritz a bit when I headline but I always feel like there’s a responsibility to show the act. Also, by that point in the show, they’ve been played with by the MC enough. So I do the bits. I’m perfectly proud of my act. There are almost no bits left that I don’’t enjoy doing and I keep adding stuff but I’ve heard it and know what’s coming. I love the free flow of the MC job. When I surprise myself with a quick ad-lib, I am hearing it at the same time as the audience. It’s work but, at that moment, I’m also a spectator enjoying the show. I also feel good setting the table and making the whole feel of the show. It’s a responsibility I enjoy. I am happy to get a big laugh and hand it over to the next act on a high note. That old cliche of the audience member telling the MC he should do comedy is true and some people don’t like the perceived lower status of the MC but I kind of enjoy the challenge of disproving their notion of my role as filler. Some people just don’t enjoy interacting with the audience. Although, I’ve seen a lot of comics who thought they weren’t strong off the cuff who were brilliant when forced to ad-lib. Some comics look at MCing the way some civilians look at stand-up. “Ooh that must be the scariest thing to do.” Which is sort of funny in itself.