Finally got to do Boyd Banks’ awesome Sunday night room at the Dominion Pub. the space itself is ideal for comedy with perfect sightlines and a raised seating area at the back. The atmosphere is very different from other gigs. The crowd was really listening. It was more about wanting to hear what you had to say than watching a show. It made me reach for my better bits and adlib more cleverly. I finally got to do my jokes about Boyd which are only for his crowd. Boyd is one of the most gracious guys I know. He didn’t just host the show, he hosted the acts. We were treated like guests and stars. Other gigs could learn from the lavish treatment the Dominion and Boyd gave us. Also had fun with Lou Eisen and Paul Irving – two hilarious guys. Those in the know (among them comedians Randy Metson and Michelle Shaughnessy) dropped by to see a rare performance by the legendary Steve Shuster who did not disappoint. Hilariously funny with his classic routines including musical numbers “Andrew Dice Webber” and “On a Good Night”. I knew Steve from the start and consider him a mentor. He taught me much of what I know about comedy and most of what I know about music. Steve is fighting and winning against some powerful personal demons and all of us who know and love him are happy to welcome him back to the land of the living. All in all, a terrific night. I highly recommend checking it out on a Sunday.