I’m gigging at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls tonight. I’ve been a number of times already. It’s the strangest gig I play in that nobody wants it. I’ll elaborate. In general, the audience is happy to be there, the management is happy they’ve booked me and I’m looking forward to the laughs. At the casino, the audience is generally miserable since only losers would leave the table/machine to watch the free comedy show. The management only hires me because they are required to provide some entertainment other than gambling by law and I’m doing it for the money since the response is usually minimal for the effort required. It is rare for me to do any gig that I don’t do for the enjoyment. People might say that a small town bar or roadhouse gig is only for money but I find those crowds are almost always responsive and grateful to have some professional entertainment in their community. Still I do love going to a casino and knowing I’ll be leaving with a chunk of their money in my pocket. And I know that whatever gig is next, it’ll feel like fresh air in comparison.